This Week in Media Consumption

In the last week, here’s what I’ve been reading/watching/playing:


  • Our Dumb World by The Onion – This has been bedtime reading for a while now.  It’s great parody of an atlas, as it’s very dense but often hilarious.  For example, this bit on Hong Kong:

An exotic seaport off the coast of China, the Hong Kong province is plagued by massive, well-choreographed brawls that break out almost daily on every street corner.  The dazzling, high-speed, and acrobatic violence puts every citizen at constant risk of being thrown off a two-story balcony onto a pile of cardboard boxes.

  • The Incredible Indoor Games Book by Bob Gregson – I haven’t looked at this book in years, and it reminded me of some fun games that I was able to play with my students for PAT on Friday.

Comics – I read almost everything, so some highlights and low points:

  • Countdown #1 –  I already trashed this.
  • Fables #72 – Cinderella is awesome.
  • Mighty Avengers #12 – If you’re reading Secret Invasion and not reading everything else Bendis is writing at the moment, you’re nuts.
  • New Exiles #5 – I already trashed this one, too.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #121 – The only Bendis book you don’t need to read if you want to keep up with Secret Invasion, and it, too, is great.  This is a nice done in one story that wraps up the typical high school baby project for health class.


  • How I Met Your Mother – More Robin Sparkles?  Thank you!  Bonus for The Dawson balding.
  • 30 Rock – Some delightful continuity this week that’s going to lead to interesting places, and, even better, more Will Arnett on my TV.  It also had my favorite line of the week.
  • Lost – Poor Sayid.


  • Just Cause – While it’s certainly not a great game, it was worth the $15 I spent on it.  It’s a fairly simple open world game overall, but I just find the concept of freeing tiny villages from tyrannical rule very appealing for some reason and always want to do just one more.  A grappling hook and a parachute both go a long way to making the typical open world experience more fun.
  • Crackdown – This was another $15 game, and it was way more enjoyable than I thought it would be.  I finished up the co-op campaign with Brian, and it was pretty fun.  Again, having a fun way to move through the open world with awesome jumping abilities definitely improved the open world gaming experience for me.