This Week in Media Consumption


  • Blue Beetle #26 – A nearly all Spanish issue, and a delightful story that I (mostly) was able to understand
  • DCU #0 – a decent introduction to the DC universe as of RIGHT NOW before things go crazy in Final Crisis
  • Immortal Iron Fist #14 – if they ever get around to making that Iron Fist movie, it should be just like this.
  • New Avengers #40 – Rewind to past events we glimpsed or had some ideas about from before and get a clearer picture of how the Secret Invasion started
  • Thor Ages of Thunder – this book was beautiful and touched my mythology nerd core in all the right places
  • American Way – I bought this trade at New York Comic Con for cheap based on vaguely remembering some internet recommendations, and I was not disappointed.  It’s a real world approach to superheroes, placing them in the midst of the civil rights upheavals of the sixties.
  • Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle – I was at Borders and saw a copy of this opened on the shelf, so I took the opportunity to sit down and read it before the movie came out this week.  It’s a 30 year old story, and it’s great.  It was also pretty shocking at one point.


  • How I Met Your Mother – some decent fallout from last week which could lead to some shift in the characters
  • House – Nice joke played on the peons this week.


  • Iron Man – Awesome.  Great summer popcorn flick.


  • Just Cause – I wrapped this game up.  It was actually a pretty cool ending that made use of the stunt system nicely.  As I said before, a decent enough $15 game, but not much more than that.  Clocked time, 25 hours or so, but you could do all of the story missions in under 5 hours easily if you don’t run around liberating villages, finding collectibles, and doing sidemissions.
  • Mario Kart Wii – I’m really liking this so far.  Beth also enjoys it.  She plays with the steering wheel, while I prefer the wiimote + nunchuck.