Video games destroy young lives! Or not.

In a delightful study by Harvard psychologists, they note the following things:

  • BOYS who don’t play videogames at all are at greater risk of getting into trouble than those who play violent games occasionally
  • The violent crime rate has gone down as video game play has gone up
  • There is a correlation between playing M-rated games and aggressive behavior, but that does not mean causation.  More aggressive children could just be drawn to those games

These are all bits and pieces of info floating around in Grand Theft Childhood: The Surprising Truth About Violent Video Games and What Parents Can Do.

In related news, It’s getting a lot harder for kids to get their hands on M-rated games.  In 2000, 85% of kids were able to get adult games.  This year, FTC Secret Shoppers found that only 20% were able to access them.  The video game business is the best content industry when it comes to shutting kids down from getting at adult content.

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