Cell phones in school

It’s funny how you can be so surrounded by an idea that the counter-argument never even comes to mind.  Considering that I will frequently throw my self into the role of devil’s advocate, I find it frankly embarrassing that I never thought to challenge the common wisdom that cell phones in school are the enemy until I recently saw some thoughts about it at the Conference recently.  The ridiculousness amplifies itself when I consider how much I use my iPhone for…well, everything now.  Thankfully, some people out there, smarter than I, challenge the conventional wisdom and give me ideas that I can use in the future.  Check out this NY Sun article where Lisa Nielsen talks about ways to use cell phones in the classroom, which, of course, one can’t actually do when cell phones are banned.

Finding Lisa’s blog there has now brought me up to 37 education blogs I’m following.  Considering a month ago I know that number was below ten, that’s a whole lot of new and interesting info to pop up for me.  Hooray!