What I won’t do this year

Totally stealing this idea from Todd Seal.

Push off paperwork that I can complete in 5 minutes until right before it’s due. Walk into school with no idea what I’m going to do third period. Insist on perfect posture. Ignore work that students have turned in. Throw everything in a random pile and hope I can find it later. Follow a scripted a lesson exactly as stated even when it’s not working for the kids. Lie to a student that I’m not mad when I am. Move on without checking for understanding. Leave my e-mail client open. Save grade input and calculations for the end of the quarter. Waste a prep period reading when I have something that needs to get done. Enforce rules inconsistently. Make students ask to go sharpen their pencil when they’re doing quiet work. Yell. Skip team meetings. Put off contacting a parent just because I think it will be unpleasant. Always eat by myself in my classroom. Refuse to ask for help for fear of looking stupid. Wonder why the students didn’t do a good job at something when they haven’t practiced it enough. Only take my class to the library three times. Have the kids read quietly for too long just because they’re being quiet when we have stuff to get done. Be bothered by typical adolescent absent-mindedness. Turn in my paperwork late even when it’s all done. Keep my PLN to myself.

4 thoughts on “What I won’t do this year

  1. DC,
    That is a great deal of stuff not to do. I usually start small. I won’t let my desk and room turn into a heap of mess. So far I have accomplished this one. I should also do the first thing you listed. But, too late. I am not allowed to eat lunch by myself. We have to eat in a noisy lunchroom with everyone. I would love to eat quietly in my own room at least once a week.
    Have a great year,
    .-= Chad Brannon´s last blog ..home =-.

  2. Wow! That’s quite the list! I commend you on wanting to change and, from the looks of it, most of these things can indeed be accomplished through organization. I might suggest you find the top three items, work at them until they become routine, when dealing with organization. When it comes to the interactions with others, you might try a journal to record how you do with you interpersonal interactions. It might help you to identify how you are doing.

    Have a great year! If anything, keep us updated on how you are doing with your tasks.


  3. Great post! Each year I make mental notes of the things that I want to change and each year I manage some and not others. What a great idea to put it down on paper (or on the web as the case may be). I hope you don’t mind that I shamelessly stole the idea for my own blog.
    .-= Monica´s last blog ..What I Won’t Do This Year… =-.

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