DoInk Green Screen App is going to blow your mind #ipaded

UPDATE: AVAILABLE NOW FOR $2.99! Green Screen by Do Ink for iPad on the App Store on iTunes.

I’ve been very pleased to have the chance to beta test the upcoming DoInk Green Screen app for the iPad.

It’s in a word, phenomenal.

It’s the best of what makes technology so delightful. It just works, and produces great results with very little effort. I think people are going to love it to pieces.

I might do more of a full-scale run-through/preview when the app gets released in the app store (sometime in the next week or two, Apple willing).

As a preview of coming attractions, though, here’s the test video I made last week:


Process: Shot video of myself in the green screen app, layered on top of a video drawing I made in Explain Everything, layered on top of a picture I took in San Francisco in January.

It’s going to be $2.99, and totally worth it. It fills a major piece of missing video capabilities for iPads.


Updated disclosure 11/9/2013: DoInk today provided me with a small iTunes Gift Card as thanks for beta testing the app.


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  1. Notice the green tint around your face and on the hair. This is an inherent problem with using green screens. It takes critical lighting control and color balance to keep this from happening. It looks like a fun app as long as you don’t mind looking like you are about to loose your lunch or just came from another planet.

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