I’m killing my little darlings to get ready for the next stage of my career

I caught this hawk killing some prey in the backyard this summer. Grisly picture of it tearing the rodent apart not included.

With new job impending in three days, and babies going off to daycare at the same time, I’ve really spent this summer trying to figure out new workflows, habits, and routines to make sure I get everything done.

A lot of that is coming down to figuring out what I most want to do and what I most need to do to make sure that I’m successful at my job, and then figuring out which things I need to drop, or rebuild from scratch to be more meaningful.

So I’m killing my little darlings.

The most painful cut that I made this summer was resigning from the board of the Edcamp Foundation. Edcamp is the single most important thing that I have done in my time as a teacher. No question. It changed my life and made me into the teacher I am today. I loved being the Chairman of the Board of Directors for a nonprofit I co-founded and deeply cared about.

But ever since the babies were born, I will honestly admit, I have not been able to give the organization the time it needed from me in order to maximize its success. When it came right down to it, my presence on the board, especially in the position as chair, was probably holding it back from accomplishing what it needed to.

So I resigned.

On the digital front, I’ve revamped all sorts of things, but a big focus was on figuring out which tools I’m using that may no longer be appropriate to my new work or just is something that I don’t use any more.

On my computer, DropBox didn’t make the cut. I’m finding that many of my files already exist in some other cloud service, so DropBox had to go away. I still have stuff that lives there for now, but none of it is mission-critical, and can still be downloaded from there without running an app on my laptop that will just suck up processing power and battery life.

On my iOS devices, in July I declared bankruptcy. They were too filled up with lots of apps that I never use, so I wiped them clean, started fresh, and decided that I would only download old apps as I needed them. Both devices right now have about two pages of apps that I actually use, plus a third page of new stuff I download to try out and maybe stick into the rotation.

Of course, in some cases I killed some of these tools only to make way for new ones that better fit my workflows. I’ll talk about these soon in another post.