PD Formats as a reflection of a community’s values #edchat

I have this joke I like to tell: “Did you hear about the awesome lecture on Differentiated Instruction?” It gets laughs because the very concept, on the face of it, is ridiculous. But the funny part is that every teacher has either experienced this or knows a colleague who has experienced it.* “The medium is […]

I’m Sick of SMART Goals #edchat

As new evaluation systems have crept up across the country, they’ve brought with them SMART Goals. Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely And I’m sick of them. Here’s how it typically works: Teachers has to come up with their SMART goals for the year. They go through the criteria listed above. They come up with a […]

My School Library Keynote Speech #msla15 #tlchat

The following are my prepared remarks for my Keynote at the Massachusetts School Library Association Annual Conference. I was much funnier in person as I thought of new things in the moment. I probably also spoke in more complete sentences, as this was a weird mashup of thoughts, ideas, and actual sentences I wanted to […]