Watch this: Rocketeer cartoon

The Rocketeer 20th anniversary from John Banana on Vimeo. The original comics and movie this is based on are both great. The director of the movie directed the Captain America movie coming out next month. I’m hopeful for a good movie.

On #edcampbos

Edcamp Boston was a phenomenal event. I’ve now run two Edcamps, and have attended several more. Almost a year since we got things started in Philly, there’s still a certain magic to walking into a building where you anticipate a day of shared learning and have no idea yet what that learning will be. Seeing […]

2010: The Year in Awesome

Before I kick off my 2011 in earnest, I figured I’d take a moment to just sit back and look at the holy crap, I can’t believe how awesome this year was. So here’s a very random summation of my favorite things from the past year. No, you do not get a new car. Favorite […]