Studying Teacher Moves

What I remember from my Research in Special Education research class: There’s a lot of crappy, useless educational research. Michael Goldstein provides a possible way forward. Teachers don’t trust research, and understandably so. There’s a lot of shoddy research that supports fads. Experienced teachers remember that “this year’s method” directly contradicts the approach from three […]

Silicon Valley Wows Educators, and Woos Them

To be honest, I see programs like ADE and GCT as a part of this campaign. The article is mostly about Apple. The demand for technology in classrooms has given rise to a slick and fast-growing sales force. Makers of computers and other gear vigorously court educators as they vie for billions of dollars in […]

The Day Kennedy Died

This is the most amazing thing I’ve read all week: the story of one of the doctors who treated President Kennedy. McClelland looked into the head wound. Stray hairs at the back of the head covered parts of the hole, as did bits of bone, blood, and more blood clots. He watched as a piece […]

More info about the new Massachusetts Teacher Evaluations

There must be at least two measures for each educator: either two district-based measures or one district-based assessment and one measure of trends in MCAS Student Growth Percentile Scores (for the 17 percent of teachers for whom those scores are available) or on the Massachusetts English Proficiency Assessment. A trend is defined as at least […]

Mass. board approves new teacher evaluations

Students would take new district-wide tests to help evaluate teachers who do not teach grades or subjects tested by the MCAS. via Mass. board approves new teacher evaluations – RRRAAAAARRGGGHHGAHAGAHGHGHGHGAAAARRRR!!!!