When adults are the bullies

When adults are the bullies pretty much defines the nightmare scenario for back-stabbing politics in schools. As a new teacher in a building this year, I can see how this sort of thing could have happened to me without a trusting relationship I’ve built with administrators and a core group of teachers in my school.

MA Attorney General: No cell phones in school

On the positive side, I already wrote most of this post two years ago. All I need to do is edit it a bit for a new decade and state. Edits in italics. Word’s breaking out on Twitter that Attorney General Martha Coakley has recently been saying some ignorant things. Needless to say, I have […]

Words to Live By

Full size image is available by clicking through the image to Flickr. I’m really glad I took that picture four years ago.

Impressions of the ALA Conference

Due to a lack of funds (hey, I’m moving!), going to ISTE this year was just not going to happen. Fortunately for me, a confluence of factors turned this weekend into a conference weekend anyway, complete with networking with Twitter friends. My wife was out of town for the weekend, and a good friend of […]

New page: disclosure policy

I created a disclosure policy page after reading this post by Wes Fryer, who is clearly both more on top of these things than I am and more knowledgeable about the quickest place to go to create your own policy in two minutes. Long story short, new FCC mandates want bloggers to explain what kinds […]

Live Vote Results!

Google just keeps the hits on coming.  They were nice enough to provide an embeddable electoral map, so I can watch results in real time!